Hello, my name is Christophe Kindt.

Welcome to my personal site.
Here you'll find both professional and personal information about me.

About me

My name is Christophe Kindt, born on September 9, 1992 in Ghent.
I started high school at Koninklijk Atheneum Mariakerke, where I studied Latin and mathematics. In the third year I switched to another school. I studied Economics mathematics at Sint-Paulusinstituut in Ghent. In the fifth year I switched education one last time. I went to Visitatie in Mariakerke where I studied bookkeeping and computer science. After high school I started studying applied computer science at Hogeschool Gent. I have been interested in computers ever since I was little. When I studied computer science at high school this passion broke through, which is why I did not hesitate for one second about my higher education.

Projects en realizations

These are projects which have been established by the university or otherwise.

Website for Restaurant Den groenen Staek

Movie app for iOS

Android app + Webapp EVA

Curriculum vitae


Don't hesitate to contact me with any question or comment.